Support The Green Music Center

You know that feeling. When the music starts to carry you away. When you’re so connected to the performance that it feels like they’re playing just for you. Our community built the Green Music Center with that feeling in mind. It’s a place for musical experiences without equal in intimacy, aesthetics, and acoustics. And what we showcase are artists who inspire us, artists who address the big ideas of our time, artists who attract diverse audiences and represent the best performers from many different cultural traditions. Over the years, we have increased opportunities to bring audiences, both on and off-campus, together with artists to deeply engage in a multitude of ways: in performance halls, classrooms, and community centers across the region.

Share these experiences and join supporters of the Green Music Center who make all of this possible. Buying tickets provides half of the revenue to fulfill our mission for our communities. The other half comes from private donations. Show your support of the arts, become a donor today.


Learn about the benefits from making a gift and the different ways to give to the Green Music Center or contact Kris Berger at or 707-664-3814.