Annual Giving

Your annual support for the Green Music Center allows us to provide the highest quality of programming and educational instruction for our students and our communities. By making an annual gift to the Green Music Center, you are helping us advance our mission of providing transformative experiences in the arts and education for all.

We offer you these opportunities to deepen your engagement with the Green Music Center. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Marge Limbert at or 707-664-3814.

As an Annual Fund donor, you can look forward to unique opportunities to engage with the Green Music Center, including discounts, special events, and early announcements about upcoming programming. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all performances and donor opportunities are currently offered online only.

Contributions to the Green Music Center are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Based on IRS regulations regarding Donor-Advised Funds, no donor is allowed to receive any goods, services or other private benefit, such as benefit tickets, school tuition, membership fees or goods purchased at an auction. A DAF grant may not be used to fulfill a pre-existing pledge. Based on these IRS regulations and the terms of charitable funds, Sonoma State University is not allowed to provide a tax receipt for such grants, as such gifts are made from a donor-advised account.