Green Music Center Donors

Learn about the benefits from making a gift and the different ways to give to the Green Music Center or contact the Green Music Center’s Director of Development at or 707-664-3814.

President’s Circle


Partner’s Circle
$20,000 – $49,999

Terry Atkinson and Kathy Taylor
Anne and Dan Benedetti
John Boland and James Carroll
Connie Codding and the Codding Foundation
Mike and Nancy Hall
Steve Maass
Jake and Barbara Mackenzie
Dr. H. Andréa Neves

Director’s Circle
$10,000 – $19,999

Stephen and Denise Adams
Robert Gilchrist
Henry and Marilyn Hansel
Wade and Madalene Rose
Lawrence and Jacqueline Simons Fund of Community Foundation Sonoma County
Gregory A. Sprehn
Vadasz Family Foundation
John and Jennifer Webley, in memory of Maureen Green
Bill and Pat White, in memory of Don and Maureen Green

Producer’s Circle
$5,000 – $9,999

Cynthia and Frederick Brinkmann
Lawrence Broderick
Terry and Joanne Dale
Sarah Dove, in memory of Duane Dove
David Gensler
Janice and Joel Hadary
Charlene and Peter Kim
Amy and Joel Levine
Nancy and Tony Lilly
Suzy and Mike Marzalek
Dr. and Mrs. R. Earle Sweat
Laney and Pasha Thornton Foundation

Presenter’s Circle
$2,500 – $4,999

Hon. David Ballati
Bruce and Susan Dzieza
Bill and Marian Mapes
Anonymous Fund of MCF
Margaret K. McCarthy and Bob Worth
Marlene Russell and Mike Center
Judy K. Sakaki and Patrick McCallum
Roselyne Chroman Swig
Dottie Thompson

Benefactor’s Circle
$1,000 – $2,499

Michael and Paula Aja
Jeanette Anders
David Atkin and Inna Gudeysky
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Bailey
Richard and Rickie Ann Baum
Timothy and Corey Benjamin
Jeffrey Bluestone
Nancy Boostrom
Karin and Richard Burger
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Buzanski
Elizabeth Carlin
Emilce Castro Deller
Dr. Jean Bee Chan and Dr. Ken Ross
Claire Cifaloglio and Rob Abbot
Martin and Kathleen Cohn
Louis and Ellen Comaduran
Jayne DeLawter and Kenneth Koppelman
Mark Dierkhising and Karen Brodsky
Nancy Dobbs
Mary Dolan and Martin Strain
Gordon J. Dow
Mark and Kathie Elcombe
Scott and Mary Farrar
Sara Ferrandini
Pauline “Polly” Fisher
Steps to a Brighter Smile, LLC
Tom Gee
Drs. James and Michaela Glenn
David Gray and Vrenae Sutphin

Norman Greenbaum
Dr. Jerlena Griffin-Desta & Yossedek M. Griffin-Desta
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hales
Mr. John Hayes
Robert E. Hesse
Bruce and Elizabeth Hoelter
Steven Isaacson
Carolyn Johnson and Rick Theis
Rod and Trudy Jamieson
Melanie and Perry Karsen
Allison Keegan
The Lenore & Howard Klein Foundation
James Krajeski & Tim Cooper
David and Jane Leff
Marge and Thom Limbert
Joyce and Tom Lopes
Teejay and Jamie Lowe
Mako Middleton
David Milcoff
Eric Norrbom and Dan Needham in memory of Yvonne Norrbom and Jim Miller
Gilman Parsons
Ms. Judith S. Peletz
Rocky Daniels and Deborah Trefz
Thomas and Danni Randolph
Riley and Pamela Rankin
Todd Reed, PhD and Nancy Reed, PhD

Dr. Deborah A. Roberts and Mr. Joe Roberts
Deborah Romer
Neil Rudolph and Susan Cluff
Denise Scaglione
Mark Setterland
Mrs. Beverly Singer
Dennis Cress and Te Smith
Jeffrey and Karen Sommers
Martin and Marlene Stein
Gordon and Cora Stewart
Matthew and Polly Stone
Denis and Anne Sutro
Shawn and Mary Kay Tullock
Andrew and Judith Turner
Toby and JoAnn Tyler
Kris and Bob U’Ren
Pauline van Muyden
Michael and Janet Verlander
Michael J. Waldorf
Dorothy Weicker
Katherine Westphal
Jacob and Debbie Yarrow
Larry Yermack

Donor’s Circle
$500 – $999

Ruth and Bob Baker
Dan Balfe
Dr. Eugene Belogorsky
Long Phan
Connie Codding, in memory of Don and Maureen Green, Barry Sterling
Richard Desmond
Fran Du Melle
Kathleen Duffy
Russell W. and Dr. Claudette V. Engle
Richard and Elaine Fohr
Alison Hannah
Lauren Hall and David Hearth
Dr. Patti M. Hiramoto and Mr. Wayne Komure

Jon & Nancy James
Keegan & Coppin Co., in memory of Don Green
Beverly Kienitz
Vicki Leidner
Elad Levinson and Maryanne Marks
Tim McDonald and Bob Scott
Gerald and Lynn McIntyre
Laura Mlynarczyk, in memory of Greg Mlynarczyk DDS
Amy Neel
Cynthia and Bill Noonan
Bruce and Sharon Oman
Anna and Frank Pope

Steve & Coral Saxe
Tom Shepherd
Anne Sommer
Marilyn Thompson
Jane Cole Waldorf
Beverly Zeigler
Dennis and Zenaida Warren, in memory of Maureen Green

Patron’s Circle
$250 – $499

Daniel Baker
Jenny Bent and Rob Hranac
Paul and Carol Berlant
Leslie and David Brutocao, in memory of Mary Jo Norman
Carlton G. and Linda J. Burille
Becky and Tony Cale
Elaine Carroll
Rodney DeMartini and Frederick Kasl
Thomas Donahue
Patricia and Robert Farrell
Dr. Sheldon & Mrs. Laine Gen
Leif and Annette Gjestland
Clyde Hladky
Stuart and Lynn Jossey

Dr. Sumedha M. Khanna
Gaye LeBaron
Ms. Nancy E. Lyons
Kate Ecker and John Mackie
Brittney Mager
Glenn Marks and Tamara Novak
Sarah McDonough
Frances Priscilla Miles
Tamyra Miller
Susan Million and Ralph Cohen
Megan Mills
Dr. Karen Moranski
Dr. Gwen Neary and Mr. James Neary
Kamen Nikolov

Kathy O’Conner
Colleen and Joseph Pundyk
Maryanne Romanowski
Barbara and Jacques Schlumberger
Dr. Leslie Shelton
Gerard and Anne Taylor
JoAnn Triebel
Susan and John Stapp
Mr. Randy Wells and Peter Wells Jr.

Friend’s Circle
$100 – $249

Daphne Allen
Hilary and Michael Ammann
Katherine Anderson and Randy Seelye
Herbert and Phyllis Anderson
Renee Armstrong
William and Karen Babula
Mark Barry
Philip and Mary Beard
Christopher Bearden
Cris Benavides
Dr. Robert Benavides, Jr.
Sally Bimrose
Arthur and Janet Blasi-Hayssen
Rick Bohner
Kathleen Brady and Craig E. Hammond
Steven and Thale MacRostie
Nino and Elaine Cerruti, in memory of Therese Mullhall
Gail Chadwin and Jerardo Martinez
Laura Chenel and John Van DFyke
Janet Clark
Douglas B. Clarke and Sally J. Rosenbusch-Clarke
Dr. Lynn R. Cominsky and Dr. Garrett Jernigan
Paul and Sherrie Corbett
Antoinette Costarella
Kathleen and Brian Crisp
Thomas Cuff
Carol Cuppy
Kristen Daley
Andrea Davis
Sal DeIanni
Dr. Thomas C. Degenhardt
Steven DeLue
Steven and Niessia Diehl

Peggy Duly
Kathleen Eckert
Rose Enriquez and Johnnie Hardeman
Jason Erlick
Bob Finn
Judith Flinn
Cynthia Frost, in memory of Don Green
Brian Gilpin
Henry and June Gonzales
Natasha Granoff
Patricia Grimmer
Minerva Haddad
Ian Hannah
Matt Hanzlik
Dr. Ari Hauptman
Philip Hicks

Susan Hootkins
Ms. Kathy Horan
Scott Horstein and Antonia Glenn
Carol Houser
John Hoy
Christopher and Amy Hunsberger
Penelope Hunt
Vita Iskandar
Christine Jossey
Patricia Kauffman
Agnes Klebe
Knisely-Levy Charitable Fund of Schwab Charitable
Margaret Tourje and Jane Krensky
Karla Kvam
Sally and Thomas Lambert
Joanne and Gerald Lapinski
Lloyd and Carol Larson
Louisa Leavitt
Deborah Leighton
Mrs. Susan R. Lewis and Mr. David Silacci
David and Lois Lilien
Larry Lobel
Reed Maidenberg
Tom and Loni Makin
Patricia and Len Marabella
Patricia McCarthy
Gerald and Lynn McIntyre, in memory of Don Green
Laura McLellan
Dana Mefford
Gina and James Melton
Christina Meyer
Samantha Miller
Mills & Associates
Carole Morgenstern
William Nilsen
Mark Niu
Teresa Moore
Adrea Moss
Scott Nass and Kevin Kiplgore
Sandra Newton
Caroline and Keith Neyman
Jennifer Nichols
J. Lawrence Norton
Donna Onaga
Tiffany and Eric O’Neil
Frank Pajerski
Hugh Stevenson and Diane Paleczny-Stevenson
Mario and Lori Perez

Susan Peters
D.J. Phimister
Kirby Pierce
Joseph Pogar and Loretta Pahler
Rhoann Ponseti and Stefan Jonson
Susan Porth
Jim and Linda Prentice
Judith Quayle
Gail Ralls
Maxine and Patrick Reagh
Tim and Jackie Reuling
Jonathan Riley and David Parsons
Jim and Linda Prentice
Elizabeth Robertson
Katie Robinson
Lori Rodrigues
Robin Rose
Roger Rose
Stefan Hastrup & Gary Schilling
Carla and Keith Schoenthal
Jennifer Seely
Dr. Kenneth J. Shaw
Dan and Chalon Sondheim
Alan Soule
Kathleen Spitzer
Dr. Charlene Steen and Dr. Allen Steen
Flora Sun
Kirsten and Steve Tellez
Ronald Theisen
Karen True-Samson
Wallace and Anne Trujillo
Bart Westcott
Dr. George and Bay Westlake
Nancy R. Wilson
Bill Wolpert
Philip and Connie Woodward
Peter Workman
Susan Yarrow Morris and David Morris

Listing reflects donations made Sept 1, 2020 through Jan 18, 2022

Party for the Green 2021 New Orleans Style Underwriters

Mike and Nancy Hall

Party for the Green 2021 New Orleans Style Sponsors

Anne and Dan Benedetti
John Boland and James Carroll

Connie Codding
Barbara and Jake Mackenzie

Press Democrat
Wade and Madalene Rose

Green Music Center Endowment Donors

Anne and Dan Benedetti, in memory of Don and Maureen Green
John Boland and James Carroll
Lawrence and Berenice Brackett
Edward Brand and Leslie Beauvais, in memory of Henry Brand Lasky
Drew Caladrella
Natalie and Vinnie Cilurzo
Connie Codding
David R. Crozier
Gordon J. Dow
Robin Draper, in memory of Jeff Langley
Bruce and Susan Dzieza
Max Fenson
Kathleen Ferrington, in honor of Barbara and Richard Ferrington
Pauline “Polly” Fisher
Bill and Cathleen Fusco
Mr. Laurence K. Gould, Jr.
Dan Needham in honor of Chris Day
Brian Orr
Joan Ramsay Palmer

Donald and Maureen Green
Karin M. Guzman
Michael and Nancy Hall
Don C. and Louise S. Johnston, in memory of David Charles Johnston
Tammy Kenber
Peter Kertzner and Alice Mei, in memory of Jeff Langley
Drs. Jeff Langley and Bob Kertzner
Bonnie Lasky and Judge Henry B. Lasky
Thom and Marge Limbert
Ileene Link
Nancy Lyons, in memory of Jeff Langley
Richard Ludmerer
Jake and Barbara Mackenzie
Margaret McCarthy and Bob Worth, in memory of Don and Maureen Green
Benjamin McCommon, in memory of Jeff Langley
Lynn and Gerald McIntyre, in memory of Jeff Langley
John McNulty

Irv and Coleen Rothenberg
Robert Remien, in memory of Jeff Langley
Theo Sandfort and Jeff Weiss, in memory of Jeff Langley
James P. and Yvonne H. Stuart
Amanda and Michael Visser
Richard and Catherine West
Bill and Pat White, in memory of Don and Maureen Green
Mary F. Wood
Jacob and Debbie Yarrow

Green Music Center Endowment Funds

James P. and Yvonne H. Stuart Endowment Fund
Ruben Arminana & Marne Olsen Endowment Fund
The Green Family – Green Music Center Endowment Fund

David Charles Johnston Music Center Endowment
Henry Brand Laskey Endowment Fund
Jake & Barbara Mackenzie Jazz Music Endowment Fund

Barbara & Richard Ferrington Endowment Fund for Youth Music Education

Nichols Legacy Society

Mr. James R. Ford and Ms. Barbara E. Butler
U.S. Army Retired Colonel
Henry Frankel* and Mrs. Laura Frankel*
Ms. Pat Glasner*
Maureen* and Donald* Green
Mrs. Louise Johnston* and Mr. Donald C. Johnston* in memory of David Charles Johnston

Lilo and John Kangas
Bonnie Lasky and Judge Henry Lasky*
Ms. Berkeley A. F. Malm
Mr. Daniel Needham
Mrs. Phyllis Nesbitt* and Mr. Douglas Nesbitt*
Nishio-Stout Family *
Joan Ramsay Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pease

Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Quibell
Estelle Ratner*
Elaine Young*

If you have made plans in your estate to benefit the Green Music Center, let us know so you can enjoy the benefits of your commitment in your lifetime. Contact or 707-664-3814.