Inside parterre box

Weill Hall and the Green Music Center
Board of Advisors

University President
Judy K. Sakaki

Board of Advisors
Henry Hansel, Chair
Lynn Fritz, Treasurer

Darius Anderson
Anne Benedetti
Rebecca Green Birdsall
James O. Ellis, Jr.
Anisya Fritz
Eric Green
Debby Hopkins
Sandra Velasco Jordan
Margaret McCarthy 
John Ryan
Les Vadasz 
Lars Walton 
William C. White

Ex Officio
Judy K. Sakaki, University President
Jeri Echeverria, Interim Provost & V.P. for Academic Affairs
Zarin Mehta, Co-Executive Director
Stan Nosek, Interim Co-Executive Director
                     and V.P. of Administration and Finance
Ben Ford, Chair of the Faculty
Emily Hinton, Associated Students President

Donald Green, Co-Chair Emeritus

Green Music Center Staff

Administration & Programming
Zarin Mehta, Co-Executive Director
Stan Nosek, Interim Co-Executive Director
Becky Cale, Executive Assistant and Board Relations Coordinator
Caroline Ammann, Director of Artistic Administration

Marge Limbert, Director of Development, School of Arts & Humanities and Education
Eric Singer, Development Officer, Corporate Sponsorships
Kirsten Tellez, Annual Giving Manager

Logistics and Operations
Kamen Nikolov, Director of Production Operations
Cindy Chong, Associate Director of Facilities Management
Jerry Uhlig, Production Manager
Larry Lobel, Piano Technician

Marketing and Communications
Kathryn Stewart, Associate Director of Communications
Andy Shepherd, Senior Marketing Manager
Christine Jossey, Marketing and Communications Specialist

Box Office
Megan Christensen, University Box Office Manager
Carly Davis, University Box Office Specialist

Guest Services
Lori Hercs, Director of Guest Services
Andrew Cronomiz, House Manager

Kelley Kaslar, Director of Hospitality
Talmadge Savage, Prelude Restaurant Manager
Alison Schneider, Prelude Restaurant Assistant Manager
Alex Purroy, Executive Chef
Chris Austin, Sous Chef