Center Stage with Violinist Jae Cosmos Lee from A Far Cry

Center Stage, a celebration of performing arts in Sonoma County, presented on KSRO 1350 AM – Sonoma County's News Talk Station and brought to you by the Green Music Center at Sonoma State University.

On this weeks segment, Violinist Jae Cosmos Lee shares how he began learning to play the instrument that led to his musical career, how he became obsessed with performing classical music as a teenager, whether audiences are different when he plays around the world, the practice time necessary to put on the energetic and passionate performance they share, and his Bay Area upbringing. 

Grammy®-nominated string orchestra A Far Cry has developed a distinct approach to music-making, with playing and programming that encourage risk-taking and exploration for both player and audience. Known for its high energy, the ensemble “brims with personality or, better, personalities, many and varied” (The New York Times). The self-conducted orchestra is a democracy in which decisions are made collectively which has led to consistently thoughtful, innovative, and unpredictable programming.

Tickets for their February 16 performance in Weill Hall are avialable starting at just $25!