If you've visited the GMC, chances are you have seen or used the water bottle filling stations, or perhaps the trash and recycling bins. But what else does the Green do to mitigate its impact on the environment?

Current Initiatives

– Each time a lightbulb is changed at the GMC, it is replaced with LED lighting. This transition from traditional lightbulbs to longer lasting LED ones will result in energy conservation as well as less frequent lighting replacements.
– The Green Music Center’s beautiful grounds are irrigated with reclaimed water. This water is collected from the ground, storm drains, and roof gutters and is put back to use watering lawns and plants across the venue.
– Recently, changes have been made in regards to lighting outside of Weill Hall. Previously, the hall was lit up through the entire night, which provides an impressive view from Petaluma Hill Road. Reevaluation has determined that while the lights are a beautiful evening display, they do not need to be on throughout the night.
– The Green Music Center (and the entire Sonoma State University campus) is a non-smoking facility. This policy keeps our air free of hazardous secondhand smoke, helps our venue to stay clean of cigarette butts, and fosters a safe environment for all guests.
– We recycle our gently used program books. Don’t want to take yours home? Feel free to return it to any usher following the show.

Looking Ahead

– A composting bin will be placed behind Prelude Restaurant. This means food waste will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Composting is nature’s recycling, producing less harmful emissions than landfills.
–Beginning for Summer 2019 concerts, all attendees will have access to personal compostable, recycling, and trash bags to bring to their seats. After the show, the bags can be left conveniently where you were sitting for timely collection.
–While three water bottle filling stations are available for use at the GMC, there may be more on the horizon. Exploration into updating the venue’s older water fountains is currently taking place.

The Green Music Center’s commitment to fostering community through the arts comes with responsibility. Continued dedication to critically examining our environmental impact is one of those responsibilities. We are enjoying the music in the moment while also investing with great care in our community’s future.

How You Can Help

–Consider carpooling! The GMC has designated Lyft pickup and drop-off spots, making ridesharing a convenient option to add to your show experience.
– Save yourself some paper and bring your tickets on your smartphone. GMC ticket scanners can scan your phone, helping eliminate paper waste from printing tickets.
– Have an electric vehicle? We have electrical charging stations located conveniently in Lot L, so your car can charge up while you enjoy the show!
– Last but certainly not least, we would love to hear from you! Have any sustainable suggestions? Email us at greenmusiccenter@sonoma.edu