We wanted to know what the staff is rocking out to on their iPhones while they work, so we asked for 3 of their most recent tunes.  

Katie Robinson, Director of Budget
1. The song I’m currently listening to is “Let’s Groove” by Stanley Turrentine. It was just a random shuffle song.
2. The song before was “No Pasa Nada” by Ha*Ash because in a meeting someone said something to the effect of “nothing happens” and I started singing that song and it has been stuck in my head ever since. This one is a little embarrassing.
3. Before that was “Rescue” by Alysha Brilla. I have a running playlist of songs that I’ve recently heard and liked. That one is on there. I rarely have my Spotify on private and my friend used to make fun of me because almost every time he went on I was listening to Kylie Minogue.

Added recommendation: Cold War Kids/Bishop Briggs cover of Love On The Brain

Caroline Neyman, Director of Artistic Administration
I just had my iTunes on shuffle. Sometimes I need the mix of different music and the anticipation of “what is next” to get moving on things. Here is what I listened to:
1. Brother (feat. Gavin DeGraw) – needtobreathe
2. I Blew It Off – Punch Brothers
3. SoulMate – Justin Timberlake

Marge Limbert, Senior Director of Development
Clearly, I’m stuck in the late 90s. Last three songs:
1. Bitter Tears by Magnetic Fields
2. Airbag by Radiohead
3. Easter Theatre by XTC

These were tunes I listened to during my last run. Perhaps I stick to the late nineties because it harkens to a time when I was “fitter, happier, more productive.”

Becky Cale, Executive Assistant and Board Relations Coordinator
Here are the last three songs/albums I listened to:
1. Album: Snow Bound by The Chills
2. Single: How to Quit Smoking by Papercuts
3. Single: #NeverUseTheInternetAgain by Homeboy Sandman & Edan

Kathryn Stewart, Associate Director and Communications
The first two were just played on the alternative station – which is helping me bust through some intense writing and editing projects this afternoon.
1. Rusted Root – “Send me on my way”
2. Radiohead – “Creep”
3. Needed a Julie Fowlis recap after hearing the sounds of my youth yesterday (I used to do a ton of Scottish festivals and dance competitions) so turned on her     Pandora station last night and the song playing was “Tha Mo Ghaol Air Aird A' Chuain” (My Love is on the High Seas)

Gail Chadwin, Annual and Foundation Giving Manager
The last three songs I listened to are pieces that my choir is performing at our winter concert.
1. Ave Maria: Sergey Khvoshchinsky
2. Hodie Christus Natus Est: Francis Poulenc
3. Bogoroditse Devo: Sergei Rachmaninoff  

Lori Hercs, Director of Guest Services
A CD of Pavarotti’s top 50 hits and whatever was just on KDFC  

Kamen Nikolov, Director of Production Operations
1. Better - Khalid. I love to listen to the top hits when I am around the house. It also gives me an idea where the music industry is headed and what our students like.
2. Down To The Honkytonk - Jake Owen. I love Country! Best party music, ever!
3. Click and Clack, the tapped Brothers. It is a NPR podcast, about fixing cars. The thing is, the two hosts are soooo funny, I consider it a Standup Comedy show!!!!!

Andy Shepherd, Senior Marketing Manager
1. Moonchild – “The List”
    I love the feel of this group, and “The List” encapsulates their dreamy funk aesthetic.
2. Aretha Franklin – “Get it Right”
    After Aretha Franklin passed I dug deeper into her discography and discovered this post-disco jam á la Nile Rodgers & Chic. If you’re hip to Luther Vandross you’ll notice his fingerprints all over this tune. This was off an overlooked album released before her comeback Who’s Zoomin’ Who? where she teamed up with hitmaker Narada Michael Walden (best known for his work with Whitney Houston).        
3. PJ Morton feat. Pell – “Claustrophobic”
    I enjoy most of his album Gumbo, but this is my favorite track. It’s got a 70s Stevie Wonder feel that I really like. This album was nominated for Best R&B Album at the GRAMMYs® this year, but lost to Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic.

Christine Jossey, Marketing and Communications Specialist (+ content creator for this blog)
Three songs I remember listening to today:
1.) Always Remember Us This Way (or really the whole A Star is Born soundtrack).  I recently saw the movie and I have had the soundtrack on repeat ever since!
2.) Over Again - Hein Cooper. An Australian acoustic/pop/indie artist I saw open a show a few years ago.  I really enjoyed his music, but unfortunately he only has one album and has not toured in the US since.  This is his single that was just released, and I have listened to it nonstop. 
3.) Want You Back - HAIM.  The first song that played on my running playlist this morning...also one of my go-to artists for "working" music.

Megan Christensen, Associate Director of Business Operations for Sonoma State
1. Ed Sheeran – Barcelona (It’s the kids’ favorite song and they ask to listen to it just about every time we get in the car. We typically take turns singing different parts as loud as we can)
2. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg – Nuthin’ but a G thang (My husband and I just spent the last week on a trip with some of our good friends from college, so of course we had a playlist with some of our old favorites on repeat the whole time)
3. Coldplay – Something Like This (Just because I like it)


The most eclectic playlist of staff top hits!