National Volunteer Day


Over the past year, we have been fortunate enough to grow our Front of House team to include not only Sonoma State Students but also local community members. Currently, we have over 70+ community members who volunteer at a wide range of performances throughout the year. Our volunteers are essential to our guest's experience and pride themselves on upholding the quality of our venue.

In honor of #NationalVolunteerDay, we not only wanted to highlight some of our stellar volunteers but also ask about their experience working at the Green.

Question #1: What do you enjoy most about being a Volunteer Usher at the Green Music Center?

Volunteering at the Green Music Center gives me the opportunity to participate with others who care about classical music. Excellent music, good people, beautiful venue, on the Sonoma State University campus. Altogether, a rich environment. – Barbara Carroll

I enjoy playing a key role in ensuring quality customer service and a satisfying concert-going experience for our patrons. – Chuck Carroll

Our community is rather fortunate to have a venue like the Green Music Center in our backyard. Due to the vision of certain people and the generosity of some very special donors, we can relish the beauty of the structure and the reverberating sounds of the artists within all year long. Thank you! As a lifelong lover of music, being an usher is both exciting and a privilege. The variety of musical presentations is amazing and appeals, I am sure, too many people of diverse tastes, from the very young to the young at heart. I very much enjoy the interaction with a group of amazing student ushers. They are an inspiration with their enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism. And last, but certainly not least, I savor the firm but gentle hand of Lori Hercs who directs the traffic and makes it all work seamlessly. – Inge Brockbank

Question #2: Why did you choose to become a Volunteer Usher at the Green Music Center?

The Green Music Center offers a variety of programs from symphony concerts to music department concerts to programs geared for school groups and families.
Barbara Carroll

 I missed ushering for the San Diego Symphony after moving from San Diego.
Chuck Carroll

I enjoy working with my fellow ushers to make an enjoyable event for the patrons of GMC. And being exposed to a wide variety of musical programs.
Rich Hutchison

I chose to volunteer at the GMC because I enjoy helping others and I wanted to be part of the GMC mission to make the arts accessible in Sonoma County, my community. As a volunteer, I confirmed my belief that SSU and the GMC are a treasure for Sonoma County providing tangible and intangible benefits to me as a resident. I met talented students who will go on to leadership roles in their chosen careers, GMC staff who are committed to excellence and fellow volunteers who share my desire to give back, have fun and learn. It is a truly enjoyable experience. – Nicholas Ross

As a new retiree, I was looking for new community opportunities, and being a long-time music lover/performer, I was thrilled to find the announcement about openings for volunteer ushers at the Green Music Center. I have been involved in the development of the Center since it was a mere hole in the ground and watched as the plans changed and the buildings emerged. I was among the lucky ones to attend all three of the opening-day concerts, seeing first-hand the diversity of performance styles, from choral to symphony to bluegrass all equally "at home" at the center. It is an honor to welcome our guests to each performance, and especially to greet those who are seeing the center for the first time, hopefully, to return again and again. – Linda Burille

Looking to volunteer at the Green Music Center?  More info can be found by visiting our Volunteer page.