Commencement 2018

After four years of living in Rohnert Park and attending Sonoma State University, my time has come to take that next grand step into the world as an "adult". Come this May, I will be fortunate enough to cross the stage of Weill Hall at the Green Music Center and receive my diploma for a Bachelors of Arts in Communications and a minor in Film Studies and become one of the many alumni of this esteemed university. Along with many of my classmates, May 19 and 20 will be filled with excitement, family, relief, and perhaps a tinge of melancholy as we leave the friendly, familiar environment many of us have come to love.

Looking back on my last four years is like looking back at my Facebook memories. There are some fond memories and some memories make me want to cringe. Though, looking past the individual moments in my college career, I can look and see that all of those experiences lead me to the place I have arrived to, today. Every phone call with my parents, every new friend, every new subject I had the pleasure to learn more about, and every new and exciting opportunity I received helped shape me to be ready to take on this next chapter of life.

One big part of my college experience and my life that contributed to meeting a lot of those new friends and gaining those new opportunities has been working at the Green Music Center. For the past two years, I have had the privilege of working as both an usher and a student assistant to the marketing and communications department at the GMC. With all of the time I have spent here on this part of campus, I have almost started to consider this place my home away from home.

As an usher I got to meet some of my best friends and be a part of something in a way I never had before. I was given the opportunity to thrive both as a student and a young professional. I had the great fortune to work under some of the best bosses I could have ever have asked for. I learned how to be a leader, how to communicate better and how to exercise extreme patience and flexibility. The relationships and lessons I gained from this job have become cemented into who I am and will remain with me entire life.

During my time as an usher, I got the chance to connect with another facet of the Green Music Center. Under the tutelage of the marketing and communications team I got to look at and appreciate the GMC in a different light. Through my internship and student job, I was able to enhance my career path, but also learn more about the administrative operations that make everything at the center work. The people I have met here I have come to enjoy and respect. Every day I'm in the office I can feel the dedication, the earnest spirit to want to do good and improve, and the joy coming from every office. After having learned a lot about community in this past year, I can tell that the community within the staff at the GMC is strong and I am glad to have been a part of it.

Everyone has a different college experience and everyone is headed in a different direction. My takeaway from my time here at Sonoma State University is that even if I haven't quite figured out where I will go or what I will do in the future, I have no regrets in taking the paths I did over the last four years. I believe everything has served a purpose in my life and will set me on a course of success, no matter how small or grand a success that may be. I am thankful to the Green Music Center in the great purpose it has served me and the friends, colleagues and tools it has given me to succeed. I am eternally grateful to everyone I have had the pleasure to befriend and work with in class or on the job. A whole new world awaits me as I cross the threshold into the "real world", but come graduation day, I will be ready.

– Jana Duncan

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