GMC Artists Take to the Classroom 

Known for their adrenalized performances, original compositions, and notorious music videos, Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe are revolutionizing the piano duo experience for the 21st century.  

Recently, after a stellar performance at the Green Music Center's Schroeder Hall, piano duo extraordinaire Anderson and Roe visited a Sonoma State University dance class. Using their own furious arrangement of Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim’s “America” from West Side Story, the dynamic duo worked with the dance students on the ideas of form, rhythm, meter, syncopation and politics. Anderson and Roe talk about their own work as “choreography for four hands,” and, inspired by their example, the students threw themselves into translating the ideas in the song into full-body movement. As the pianists played with their four hands on the single piano, each student interpreted what they heard into something visible. The Green Music Center is excited to continue to find events such as these where our artists can engage with students in new and unusual ways to explore the musical connections that lie within.