The Green Music Center hosted a meeting of the San Francisco chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild for the third consecutive year. This annual tradition gives piano tuners the opportunity to hear some of the world’s finest pianos in the best acoustic environment. As for the Green Music Center, it allows the chance to recognize and support the importance of the work these unsung heroes of music do for public performances of live music.

The Green Music Center’s very own piano technician, Larry Lobel, gave a talk about his job as concert piano tuner. Later, the tuners put their skills to the test in a friendly competition of “The Wine Country Piano Taste Test”. Participants tested their listening skills as GMC’s Director of Production; Kamen Nikolov played the same musical selection on six different pianos, hidden from view. The piano tuning craftsmen then were tasked to guess which piano they were hearing each time.

Thank you Piano Technicians for your dedication to the craft!