Grisha Goryachev, Flamenco Guitar

Grisha Goryachev, Flamenco Guitar

A native of St. Petersburg, Russia, Grisha Goryachev is renowned for his extraordinary musical sensitivity and technical virtuosity in both classical and flamenco styles. He is reviving the tradition of solo flamenco guitar in a concert setting that was practiced by the legendary flamenco masters Ramón Montoya and Sabicas. Goryachev will be playing flamenco compositions by modern and traditional maestros, each with different colors of beauty, intensity, stretching the guitar to express all of its capable emotions. (Goryachev replaces Argentine guitarist/composer Maximo Diego Pujol, who had to cancel due to visa issues.)

Goryachev will demonstrate classical and flamenco guitar techniques at a free, hands-on workshop prior to the concert, from 12-1:30 pm in GMC 1028. Guitarists are encouraged to bring their instruments to the workshop. Info: (707) 664-2324

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Saturday, April 14, 7:30 pm
Schroeder Hall


Grisha Goryachev


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