2nd Annual Alumni Recital<br>The Dixie Giants & Cabbagehead

2nd Annual Alumni Recital
The Dixie Giants & Cabbagehead

This year’s Alumni Recital features several recent SSU alumni from both within and without the Music Department.

The Dixie Giants, winners of the North Bay Bohemian's 2017 Best Band in Sonoma County, bring their own special version of New Orleans music to the Bay Area. Cabbagehead, which shares two players with TDG, combines “a jazz education with a punk-rock energy” and was recently voted Best Jazz Band of the North Bay in the 2017 NorBay Music Awards.

Event Details

Sunday, November 12, 2:00 pm
Schroeder Hall


Casey Jones, clarinet/tenor sax
Jesse Shantor, alto sax
Jason Thor, trombone
Nick Pulley, sousaphone
Dan Charles, banjo
Ricky Lomeli, drums
Taylor Cuffie, drums

Jesse Shantor, alto sax
Chaco Amaze Lechon Peckham, tenor sax
Nate Dittle, keys
Ab Menon, guitar
Kevin Hayes, bass
Ricky Lomeli, drums