Sonoma Bach Midwinter Recital: <br>A New Perfection in Music

Sonoma Bach Midwinter Recital:
A New Perfection in Music

In the 17th century, musicians from all over Europe flocked to Italy to learn the secrets of the exciting Italian style - for example, Marc-Antoine Charpentier studied in Rome and was much influenced by Giacomo Carissimi - while Italians sucha as Giovanni Battista Lulli (Jean-Baptiste Lully) brought the new style to the brilliant French court.  We offer motets by Carissimi and Charpentier; laments by Tartini and Clérambault; Italian-style pieces by Rebel and Leclair; and Francois Couperin's Apothéose de Lully, a delightful fantasy in which Lully and the great violinist Arcangelo Corelli unite the two national styles in a 'new perfection in music'.

Event Details

Friday, January 19, 8:00 pm
Schroeder Hall


Program & Information

Jennifer Paulino, soprano
Live Oak Baroque Orchestra