Exterior at Green Music Center

Weill Hall Artists-in-Residence Program

A collaboration between Sonoma State University and The Academy - a program of Carnegie Hall, The Juilliard School, and the Weill Music Institute in collaboration with the New York City Department of Education

Instructing, performing for, and living amongst Sonoma State University students over the course of a full year, Trio Ariadne—comprised of Elizabeth Joy Roe, Carol McGonnell, and Sæeunn Thorsteinsdottir—provides a link between three campus units: the Department of Music, the Office of Residential Life, and the Green Music Center, while instructing, performing, and residing at Sonoma State University.

This innovative collaboration, created through a new partnership with New York’s Carnegie Hall, fuses instruction, outreach, residency, and performance, intimately exposing college students to some of the nation's finest post-graduate musicians.

The trio joined the Sonoma State University community in the summer of 2013, beginning their residency amongst students on-campus, where they serve as mentors for music students and offer workshops on topics such as practical internships and career pathways.

They provide instruction and service for the Music Department and its students through chamber music and solo coaching, providing studio lessons to individual players, and serving as visiting artists in music department classes. As part of their residency, the three musicians work collaboratively amongst campus units to provide programs and services to enhance the educational mission of the university and to contribute to the stature of performing arts in the community, through the creation of performances and mini-concert series for the SSU campus and surrounding schools.

All three artists are alumni of The Academy, a two-year program for musicians who wish to redefine their role as artists, extending their music making from the concert stage into schools and the larger community. The two-year fellowship involves performances in Carnegie Hall and other venues, as well as community
outreach to New York City public schools, residencies in New York City and beyond, and intensive professional development. This marks the first time that Academy alumni will create such an extended residency, working in a university

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