Image of GMC donors Judy and Irwin Miller

Donor Corner May 2016
Judy and Irwin Miller

Quick Sips!

Favorite Wine:

Judy, Prosecco - Irwin, Cabernet

Favorite concert:

Irwin: Itzhak Perlman, Judy: Audra McDonald – her voice, she personally engaged the audience

Favorite spot to get a bite before the show:

Judy: Caffé Giostra in Petaluma - Irwin: Redwood Café in Cotati
For after – Prelude

After moving to Petaluma in the fall of 2012 Irwin and Judy saw pictures of the Green Music Center (GMC) in a local publication, bought tickets and they both immediately got deeply involved. As Irwin notes, “The GMC is unbelievable – the music, the venue, amazing acoustics, variety of programming, convenience and ease of parking all make it a wonderful place to experience the best in music. I would love to see more young people come out and experience it.” Judy, “without the GMC life would be very different here.” Irwin loves Mozart, Beethoven and opera and Judy likes classical music with a theme.

GMC – Why did you decide to move to Sonoma County?

Judy – We wanted to be near our grandchildren and escape east coast winters.

Irwin – And I decided it was time to move on and sell my book business of 54 years when I saw my granddaughters reading books on their tablets.

GMC – How many children and grandchildren do you have?

Judy – We have two sons and four grandchildren, and we go to the city once a week to see them and also to see opera.

Irwin – We also try and attend at least four shows each year at the Met.

GMC – What do you like to do when you’re not listening to classical music or visiting with your grandchildren?

Irwin – I love to take pictures and collect books, and we both love to collect art

Judy – And I am very active in our new Synagogue, Congregation Shir Shalom.

GMC – How did you first get interested in classical music?

Irwin – I first got interested in classical music as my mother would listen to opera on the radio when I was a boy. While I was in college at BU
I made a friend at my fraternity who introduced me to Beethoven. And I guess I helped to introduce Judy to the music. Back in Boston we waited 3 years just to get obstructed view tickets for the Boston Symphony!